tune in

Classic rock and pop. Brand new feeling. Hypnotic grooves. Rich vocal harmonies. Creativity and inspiration. A cosmic swirl of psychedelic sounds and dance beats that blow your mind on a musical trip through time, and a musical treat for fans of Sixties and Seventies pop, psychedelic rock, and Motown. Invention and communication.

In Boston's active music scene of the mid-70s, Linda, David, Tom, Mark and Tim were standouts in different bands, chasing the dream and playing venues across Boston and MetroWest. In 2002, after years of mutual admiration for their respective talents, they met socially for the first time - to jam, experiment, and play favorite songs together. They also shared a passion for the best rock and pop music of the 60s and 70s. The results were magic, leading to a decision to perform as The Paisley Project.

New sounds 

In partnership with the Natick Service Council, Paisley Project will be performing to raise funds for members of the Natick community in greatest need. The NSC Annual Telethon will be broadcast live on local cable access to Natick residents, on March 22, 2016.

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